A Message of Appreciation to Our Supporters

Esteemed supporters, thank you for your interest in partnering with our club. We are thrilled to count with your support because your contributions make it possible for us to continue our quest to be successful on the track as we promote interest in health and fitness through the sport of track and field.


Supporter Benefits:

  • Partnering with us increases visibility and exposure to your brand, products, and services. Southwest Sprinters Track Club team members have competed in several highly publicized events with national TV coverage including the Millrose Games and the Penn Relays. Attendance at the Penn Relays averages over 104,000 spectators over the 3 day event. Our team members have graced the cover of athletic magazines, been featured in special reports and been interviewed for local newscast and worldwide podcast.

  • Association with a premier track club that has prominence and a huge following in the track and field community.

  • Southwest Sprinters Track Club is a willing partner that is always open to consider any and all suggestions that supporters may have which would provide increased exposure and advertising benefits to them and their products.

If you have general questions about becoming a member or a team supporter, please contact us at:

David Jones (Team Coordinator)
Email: david.f.jones@shell.com

Antwon Dussett (Team Relay Coordinator)
Email: adussett@yahoo.com


Sponsorship Levels:


Bill Shelton

David Jones
Lyndell Pittman - House of A
Linda Carty-Dumitrescu
Nedenia West

Dicks Sporting Goods


The Running Warehouse
Hardy Beverages